Liberty Air 2 Pro and Transparency

Hello… Just got my Liberty Air 2 Pro’s (1/6/22) and I’m extremely disappointed in the Transparency mode. Or for better words- LACK of any kind of transparency mode OR any adjustability in the Soundcore app. I HAVE to have a transparency mode. And the Liberty Air 2 pro’s STINK. So is there ANY way to adjust the Transparency mode in the app? And is there Transparency settings for the Liberty 3 pro’s in the app? Because I’m very frustrated with the lack of transparency/ambient mode on the Liberty Air 2 pro. I feel like I wasted my money on them. And I’m guessing I should have just purchased the 3 Pro’s anyway. Thanks for your time.

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Sorry not a user of ear buds.
But I am sure there will be help from others who own those.

Last I checked the L3P don’t have an adjustable setting for Transparency Mode.

I think there is only so much you can do with small earbuds when it comes to that. Heck I have some open back headphones that I can hear everything through when I’m not playing music. When the tunes are on, not so much.

PS Your best bet would be to send Support an Email with your suggestion:

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I’m not sure about adjustable, but from recall, there was a couple options. When I’m at the office and the odd time both are in I try to use the vocal mode.

Seems to more augment vocals. I’ll set it up in the app, and then cycle through via touch.

I’ll check more on Monday, as I keep mine at the office… (I’ll edit it the update)

edited reply - Jan 10
Would seem the liberty air 2 pros have fully transparent and vocal setting within the app. (As noted on the L3Ps in another reply). Can cycle through with touching right earbud, and didn’t notice much difference either. I’d say in comparing to the overear Q35s, the overears have better transparency…

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You can only set the L3P to full transparency or vocal mode - no any other adjustments available. And I must say it could have been better. For me it is like 25-30% too quiet. I can hear everything, but they are kind of cancelling the lows and lower mids and making everything sound more pale…

The transparency mode on my Life Q35, on another hand, is perfectly transparent - there is no audible difference between bare ears and having the headphones on in transparency mode. But that is a different kind of form factor with less limitations, I guess.

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