Liberty Air 2 pro battery type

What type of battery the Liberty Air 2 pro use? Both the earbuds and the case. Is it a Li-On battery or Nickel–cadmium battery or something else.

So why I am asking. I am trying to send a pair of Liberty Air 2 pro, through my local post office and they are complaining about the battery. Their site says that they will refuse to handle any items containing Lithium batteries.

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Can’t say for sure, but according to Amazon it’s lithium

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Those little batteries will not affect any postal transfer!
Write lithium, thats OK.

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You may want to check with the post office website for info on the lithium battery issue.

I think usually it is a certain amount that they will not ship. I think it is a certain amount that they will not ship (if I remember correctly from a past post). You may will need to contact to verify that it fits within the standards that your post office standards are.

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Your post office is likely saying they don’t handle LARGE Lithium batteries like you’d get in large UPS, there’s small batteries in everything (cellphones, etc)

There is no teardown of the LA2P but a good read-across is the LA2 has


So you could say it is a 0.2Wh Lithium Poly battery.

0.2W so say 1/500th the size of a portable powerbank.

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I had an extensive discussion with my post office today. They are not willing to ship anything that sounds remotely like battery. They think it will explode and bring down the whole plane :confused:

I tried to explain how small are the batteries but they didn’t seem to care. As I learned, this is because they send the packages with a passenger plane, thus they to need to have a special certification for IATA to be able to ship batteries.

At least they were kind enough to propose an alternative and help me post my package through a courier service that it is actually operated by DHL (who have their one plan). It was like 10 euros more expensive, but it was my only option.

Haven’t you told them how many passengers are using earphones, tablets ect.
all using those kind of batteries.
Try another post office, another clerk.

By the way were you live?

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Airline restrictions are 100Wh.

0.2Wh is nothing in comparison.

It effectively has none, relative to what matters.

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@Chiquinho, I said to them the exact same thing and yes I tried different post offices. Even between them there is a confusion. The clerks, showed me a piece of ‘paper’ that need to follow and the restriction there in no Lithium Battery, so I can not blame them. But even them I challenged them and ask about Nickel–cadmium batteries. The said again now, but I am not sure is they understood the difference.

@Logically, do you have a link / source for that? I know that a rule like this is in effect, again I tried to tell them in the post office but again my words were in vain.

Either way, the cost difference from Regular Parcel service to Courier Parcel service was small. Also the due to the Covid situation and the weather conditions, there were no domestic flights to transport my parcel. So Courier service at the end was my only option.

I intent to challenge them again once I have something with battery to sent.

FYI I live in Cyprus.

Standard airline 100Wh limit

And is common for many countries.



If you were asking to ship say an Anker Powerhouse, 200Wh, 400Wh, 800Wh, then they are absolutely in their right to refuse but for all things Soundcore, you’re fine.

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