Liberty Air 2 Pro - can't get them out of the box

Hi there,

I’ve just received the “Liberty Air 2 Pro” and I’m not able to get theses earbuds out of this frikkin box.
At least without destroying either the packaging or the buds themself.

This packaging design is pure madness. What sadistic individual designed this?
Really, I cant remeber when I was in such a rage before.
And all this because of a frikkin box that would’nt let go of it’s content.

How did YOU get them out there?

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Use a thin screwdriver to (carefully) prize them out under the long bit of the buds

You can also push them out from the back side.

You can’t get to the back on these, it’s a solidly built

That’s crazy.

Same issue here. Finally after a minute or two I managed to push them out.
This was not a great first impression.

Now I have noticed also that sound cutting out … never had this issue with Liberty Air 2…

Lack of basic controls options left me also very disappointed…

The Sound from other hand is really well balanced and I’m impressed

I was planning to do one full review and post it on YouTube.

Lol are they that hard to get out

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I couldn’t believe it… I’ve opened thousands devices but the plastic holders on this one was a nightmare.
I presume that someone messed up few settings :slight_smile:

Not great

Damn…it sounds like you digging a hole …

I dont have such issues here…I tested with biggest ear tips and smallest… It is easy to put them out…same with
putting them back…

Well packed :rofl:

I had the same issue! I thought it was just me! It took me about 5 minutes to figure out I needed a small screw driver to pop them out of the case.

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Well the good part is you know they are safe… lol


Many have had issues like this. I guess it helps with shipping them and preventing them from getting damaged in that process.

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Ditto, had issues getting them out also. Bad design

It’s more like preventing from using it :slight_smile:

Imagine that you have just received your dream pairs of earbuds and you want to try them as soon as possible and … you opened a great designed box and … you can’t actually get the buds out of the package … that is kind of experience that may make you vary upset!

For me it was very annoying and ruined some of my high expectations about this product

Do you have same issues right now also or just those first time ?

I’ve tried to put them back in and it’s the same story. The plastic holder is so tight that you need a tool, better plastic one or you can damage/scratch the earbuds.
Someone messed up something.

Not gonna lie but I would love some photos (maybe some close ups) about this craziness. I don’t even know the packaging style of these so wouldn’t even have thought of a screwdriver

I forget what pair I that was as touch as these seem to be. It kinda make it feel like you will break them

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Maybe they have them hard to get out, so when ppl are showing unboxing vids, you can tell if it’s a one take or true unboxing…

All kidding aside, prob to keep from shipping damage, at expense of possible end user damage instead… :roll_eyes: