Liberty Air 2 Pro constant beeping or whistle when inserting them into the ear

I got my air 2 pros on Monday and having problems with them. Whenever I put them out of the charging case and hold them between my fingers to place them in my ear or more so trying to twist them to fit perfectly I get some kind of constant beeping or whistling kind of sound. Very high pitched and annoying as hell. When I let go of them it stops. Guess that has something to do with the mics? Already wrote them an email and tried to contact Soundcore on Facebook as well as on Twitter through dm but no reaction so far. Anybody else having the same problem?


I dont have this kind of issues …Did you tried to update firmware to latest one ?
Also try restart your Air 2 pro case, to factory setup… And try to connect them again

Tried that yesterday. Didn’t work unfortunately

That is weird…Contact support via app…

Did you tried change ANC options, etc ?

Tried everything I could. Sometimes it won’t do these and other times it won’t stop at all.

Did write two emails to service on Tuesday no reply. Did open a ticket today and keep my fingers crossed that I’ll get a replacement.

They do typically get an initial response fairly quickly - if you have a ticket now I would expect you can get a replacement fairly quickly.

That issue sounds very frustrating, hope they can make it right.

Odd so slow usually by next day.

Quote serial number and proof of purchase

I was thinking about this, and was wondering if it may be feedback picked up from the mics?

Is it possible that something got into one of the 3 microphone holes?

I have experienced similar with some other earbuds, and after turning for and reconnecting / pairing, the issue resolved.

Guess so too. Something with the microphones but like I said I tried resetting them but nothing improved.

What do you mean by turning for and reconnecting?

Turning off sorry, by typing on mobile…

With these I believe there are two types of resets, not familiar enough to know which is which, but manual should show.

Turn off pods,turn off phone and go back through the pairing process as if it was first time doing,

Both earbuds make noise or just one?

Ah I see. Both are doing that noise.

There is no way to power them off manually guess maybe let drain the battery would be the only way. But I tried the reset with them. Will try the powering off of the Handy maybe that helps.

I have the exact same issue. Mostly on my left earbud than the right one. It usually happens when I apply some force in order to fit the earbud. As I re-call it only happens when nothing is played through the earbud