Liberty Air 2 Pro - Flickering noise on Left earbud when ANC is on

I have the Liberty Air 2 Pro for a couple of days now. When I turn on any of the ANC modes, I hear a flickering noise from the Left earbud. There is not such a noise in the right one. I did the Fit test through the app and the seal seems good. Also I can verify that the isolation when I am not using ANC is good. This flickering happen only for the left earbud and only with the ANC on. This flickering noise is louder when I am in a call rather than when I am just hearing music.

Update 02/02/2021
I run a couple of tests based on the comments and the suggestions.
I reset the earbuds, which also reset the Hear ID. So I used the earbuds without hear ID for a couple of days listen to music or making calls.

The flickering noise still exists on the left earbud (only on the left). A friend described that noise as a small cicada, which is accurate. It is louder than white noise. Clearly has some to do with ANC. I can hear it now almost always when hearing music, having call or just having the earbuds on my ears without listening to anything. The sound is distinctable when the volume is low or when the sound pauses or there is a pause in the conversation. So probably is something extra that ANC adds to the stream.

I used the earbuds in different locations, some where quiet and in other there was noise. I also tried all the available ANC modes. The flickering noise the same. Sometimes putting a box around my left ear or covering it with my hand (with out touching the ear or the earbud) stops the flickering. However if I remove it after a couple of seconds the flickering begins again.

Any suggestions?

I noticed it on mine as well it sounded like there voice peaked and the buds couldn’t handle the “loud” noise. After turning down the volume it doesn’t really happen. Other then that you would have to contact support.

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At least for you Fit test is working.

About ANC, I dont have such issues. Same kind of sound/noise coming from left/right buds

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I haven’t noticed any issues. I really expected it to have issues since its a first run. I’ve got an option to do a firmware update. Not sure I really want to make that upgrade. Anyone install it yet?

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If you are talking about 03.54, yes, I have installed it.

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I am on it also no issues so far

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After reading your other post it makes me think your entire left earbud is having issues and this is also something that you should include in your email to support since it may or may not be connected to the battery issue you are having with the same earbud. My guess is a faulty unit we get those every now and then so they will most likely replace it would be my guess

I have purchased the soundcore liberty air pro 2 last week and am enjoying them. However, when the ANC is turned on (indoor mode) and I am not playing music, I can hear a soft pulse width modulation noise in the left earbud. It sounds a bit like a pulsating sound backgrounded by a faint static. To me, this seems a similar description as your experience called “flickering noise”.

When I play soft music like ambient, I do clearly hear the pulsating sound on the left earbud.

I have updated to the latest firmware and am not hearing it on the right earbud.

The sound sometimes comes and goes, after turning on or off music it is most present.

Since they are NC is there a chance that you are swiping across the mics. Since it uses the mics to cancel out outside noise, the swipe could maybe cause the noise. It could be you hit the sofa or it could potentially be your hair swiping the earbuds. Other than that I would say contact for additional assistance.

I hope it is something like your hair hitting the mics and not an issue with the earbud.

Thanks for your input, I just verified it’s clearly not my hair brushing against the mics, the buds sit tightly in my ears without any obstructions. I contacted the service dept to see what can be done.

I had been thinking about that on Saturday. I was playing with pros before I gave them to my wife and had a hoodie and had that thought actually. Good luck

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I know that sound you are describing and it is not the same. That soft pulse is something expected to ANC headphones. In my case I hear the flickering while I am also hearing a voice / I am in a call, not while I am just wearing the earbuds with nothing playing through them.

That’s interesting, so it seems we’re talking about two different observations of two different issues here. Luckily I was able to compare with a pair of Apple Airpods Pro in ANC mode without music, and these did not have the pulsating sound and background static. It also is there when you have music paused, but you push the volume up and down. Clearly it seems like there are some QA issues with these buds. Hopefully it can be fixed with a firmware update. By the way, I just reset the pair using the description in the manual (keep the case button pressed 10 seconds with the buds inside and the case open until both buds blink red 3 times). Maybe you can try that as well. I have not tested them yet since.

ANC always creates white noise.

Sounds like a defect of the internals of just the left. Try keeping it in anc mode, turn the volume all the way up and blast music through it. The noise should be pretty bad at that point, but the idea is to hopefully clear out anything that’s possibly fluttering within. By comparison, it’s like a car that’s only running on 3 cylinders instead of 4 and by keeping it pinned you’re trying to literally force the offending carbon off of the valves and spark plug. I’m an auto mechanic and I’ve learned that a little abuse can set things straight sometimes. If you’re at the point of returning them then why not give it a shot.

As per Support Team feedback this is firmware / software that it will probably resolved with the next version / updated.

I had my Liberty Air 2 Pro replaced, due to a different issue. The new pair still does this flickering noise. So as Support Team said, it seems like something that it will be resolved with an update.

I have the same issue. I chatted support about it and they sent me a new pair and the new one does the same thing. The noise drives me crazy. :slight_smile:

@troy33 are your earbuds up to date with firmware? You could always check that in the Soundcore app it might be a software issue. You might also want to try resetting them

They are up to date! I didn’t try resetting the replacement but my first pair I did and it did not help.

Dam, I just ordered mine this is very disappointing to see so many people having this issue.
definitely everyone needs to report it to support so it can be fixed in the next update.