Liberty Air 2 Pro is my favorite electronic "gadget" I own

There have been countless reviews of these wireless buds but after several months of use, they are, by far, my favorite wireless earbuds and quite possibly my favorite gadget I own. The feel of the case, the instant pairing, the fantastic transparency modes (after latest update), EQ, and a blue color that I adore. Worthless review, but felt amiss not saying anything about it after all this time. Have a great day!


I’m glad you like them. I happen to own them as well.

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Thanks for your opinion :slightly_smiling_face:.
Any truthful opinion is valuable.

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Great feedback, and I’d agree. Very good earbuds. Lots of function built in and great sound.

Loving that some new preset eq setting have been released too

Thanks for sharing, I fully support your opinion. They even got better with all the Firmware updates provided - and the LDAC upgrade which makes the LA2P the heaphones I use most.

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@scelestus I wonder what you would say if you ever had a Liberty 2Pro + with LDAC. Maybe you would change your mind.
Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:!


Yes you are right @sodojka I have heard a lot of good things about the Liberty 2 Pros and adding LDAC to them would be even better than LA2P I would assume. :slight_smile:


I have a few but a lot of them get "shared " with my kids n wife. I will say that they are pretty good n one of a couple of my favorite