Liberty air 2 pro Issues

first the user guide instructions are completely wrong and inconsistent with the very good youtube video that you create. i had to find this video on my own and even after 4 customer service conversations noone told me about the video. why expend effort printing the user guide if it is wrong and thus unhelpful

the user guide does not discuss that the earbuds can turn themselves off and the only way to turn them back on is to but them in the the case and therefore the user must carry the case with them at all times. why no on button or a special tap to turn them on??? and why is this not mentioned in the user guide??? the user guide i guess is meant to inform the customer how to use the product so why does it exclude important info?

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Is it perhaps the auto sensing when you take them out of your ears, that the turn off and turn back on when you place them back in your ears?

If so, it’s a feature that can be customized using the app.

As for only being able to turn on / off with the case, I don’t think so, but I check in the next couple of days.