Liberty air 2 pro left earbud makes low frequency sound

I purchased the brand new liberty air 2 pro and unfortunately the left earbud have some issue while I move or turn my head or while I walk and talk. It makes a sound like something scratches inside it with low frequency so it is more noticeable while the volume of the music is low or there is no music playing especially when active noise cancel mode is on but also in other modes . Also it is noticeable while calls. Too sad i got this problem … I already contacted the support via emails since yesterday but i still wait for a response. I hope the new pair will be fine!

Anyone else notice this issue? Or am I the unlucky one ?!

A lot of regular users haven’t received them yet. I know @TechnicallyWell just posted his review on these but doesn’t have this problem. This is 1 downside of buying something brand new right away before all the problems are sorted out. You just have to wait for customer support to reach back out to you because they can help you the most

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Usually they respond quickly. Have you done a reset…

Plus are you using mobile or pc

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I haven’t noticed this particular issue with the earbuds, but is it possible that your hair or something else is brushing against the earbud when the issue happens? With ANC, the mics on the outside of the earbud will try to counteract what it “hears,” so if something is brushing up against the earbud it can cause it to generate a sort of “swooshing” noise as it counters it.
Just a thought… I’m sure the support team can give you a more solid answer. :+1:


I’d love to help but I’m still waiting for mine - ordered Tuesday from Soundcore U.K. and they haven’t even shipped yet :weary:

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I thought about it also but it doesn’t scratches anywhere on my hair or beard because i don’t have one. Something happens inside it. I put them on my friends ear in order to see if she also hears it and she did…and only at the left earbud. It’s noticeable w/o music or low volume music and while calls.

Hope you get them soon and they don’t have any issues

I use mobile Android and iPad but it doesn’t matter because it is doing this sound w/o even some music playing. I did reset them but still the issue is there! It is hardware issue not software

Cheers, I’m disappointed at the wait time but they’ve obviously been flooded with orders and not had the capacity to respond :disappointed: Anyone else had similar experience?

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Uhh do you have the same issue with yours?

hi Peter, I can just here low noise with active anc. If ANC setting is normal I don’t habe any sound on the earbuds.

:frowning::frowning::frowning: i am sorry…

I have LA2P , and I dont have such issues …lucky for me :slight_smile:

I definitely had the same issue, 100%. This was solely while using the phone and mostly while I spoke–a vibration, loud, almost a rattling as if the housing was vibrating --something to that effect. It did not happen when music listening. It happened across all silicone tips with tight seals. It happened despite the firmware update. It happened after a hard reset.

I replaced the unit at Best Buy (exchanged) and the replacement unit does not have the same problem–now I get a beeping / high pitched noise (the sound a hearing aid makes under feedback) when I adjust that earbud and only in the left ear.

I like the audio quality on these, the ANC, the rich array of configurations, the company. I’m going to call them and try another pair. I want these to work for me. I wonder if Best Buy (who has been selling them the past week for $79.99 and $99 got a hold of a bad lot?

Same issue. Sometimes/most of the time the left earbud makes a echo type noise. And it usually plays a split second after the right earbud. Sometimes it doesn’t play at all. I haven’t tried to do anything to resolve the issue. I have 3 young kids and I assumed they did something to them. But after reading some of the post it doesn’t seem to be my fault. So I’ll keep reading to figure out what I should do.

Here’s what I did. I replaced a first pair for a vibration that ran down the housing. I got a second pair that produced a high pitched hearing aid sound (both pairs from Best Buy). I replaced that second pair for pair 3—which doesn’t have the high pitched sound on the left ear but it disconnects from Blue tooth often or the app won’t stay connected . Pair #3 also has lower volume on phone calls than when playing audio . The first 2 pairs didn’t do that.

I did a factory reset on pair #3. Haven’t made calls yet…but if I’m 3 for 3 on this unit, I’ll cash out and buy something else–I do like the music playing audio quality. I do like the noise cancellation BUT 3 pairs all with defects or problems in a row makes me feel there was a bad manufacturing run. The price at Best Buy keeps going down to $79 and up to $129.

I need these for talking on the phone primarily and it’s just not working out–not for lack of trying.