Liberty Air 2 pro mics not working, AGAIN

Hey everyone,
So I noticed my earphones are emitting audio at a negligible loudness level, mostly nil. This is the second time this has happened and previously the Anker team replaced mine with a new product. Initially the mics work fine, but within a couple of months, similar to the previous one, the new ones also have a similar fault. Is there any actual workaround for this? It would be a pain to go through the whole replacement process, it takes a whole month. If anyone has any workarounds, please let me know.

I’ve tried deleting reinstalling app, resetting earbuds, and everything in between. Phone is not rooted so no cache clear through bootloader as someone has mentioned in another forum. Anything helps!

I have 2 LA2P’s and have never had that issue. I’d recommend contacting Support since none of us work for Soundcore an they no longer participate in this forum.

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Thanks for the heads-up, it’s frustrating that the same issue occurs again. Maybe it’s a regional issue.

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If you figure out what’s going on, let us know. I’s still recommend contacting Support. Good Luck!