Liberty Air 2 Pro New Color

Check out the new color for the Liberty Air 2 Pro. The color is currently listed as black and copper and available at Best Buy. Not sure when it was released but I think it looks pretty nice.

What is your favorite of the colors now available?

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Onyx Black
  • Crystal Pink
  • Titanium White
  • New Black and Copper
  • Lüm edition
  • Red Musicares Edition

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if this isn’t new please tell me because I really thought they were but I could have missed them being announced


More colors - more fun

great, thanks for sharing.

This should let the original colours to get s price drop.

Thanks for sharing. I think the new color looks sharp.

They look more black than the initial ones, but I don’t really get the copper.

Shrug, blue still holds down top spot for me.

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Black looks pretty good.

I agree the color does look really sharp especially with the contrast of black to copper. I am still team sapphire blue but these new black ones do come close second


Sapphire Blue is my favorite color :+1:t2:,but very nice (for women) is Red Musicared Edition.

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