Liberty Air 2 Pro: New Owner Questions

Hello, everybody! I’m new here, having never owned a Soundcore Product before. I have a few questions about the Liberty air 2 Pro that I just purchased a few days ago (and could still return).

Firstly, I noticed that I cannot use transparency mode with only 1 bud in my ear (mono mode). I find this capability very nice with other earbuds so that I can keep listening to music in the office without feeling like I have one ear plugged. Leading me to my question:

Is this standard in all ANC and Ambient earbuds with Soundcore? Including the Life P3? Or is this just a fluke with the Liberty Air 2 Pros? As well, could this be something that could be added via a firmware update, and is there a way I can formally request it?

Secondly, I know the Life P3 came out with most of the same features as the LA2P (if not more). I have seen many reviews comparing the p3’s to the LAP2’s that are insightful, but always end with something like “get the P3’s they are similar and $50 dollars cheaper (retail price).” This is actually useless to me in my own comparison, because I only spent $10 dollars more on the LA2Ps than I would have on the P3s (Sale at Verizon). So, my question is:

Are the P3’s actually superior to LA2Ps in terms of sound quality, comfortability, features, Bluetooth, etc? Or are they just a better value, with the superior buds overall still being the pros? I know this is mostly based off opinions, but I’d love to hear them.

I really am liking these LA2Ps so far, and am equally liking Soundcore as a brand. I would just like to know if mono transparency mode is a possibility and if the P3’s are truly a superior bud (at least in people’s opinions).

Thank you for you all for your time! :slight_smile:

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The LA2P have a slightly better sound and more built-in EQ options. With the P3s, your anc and transparency mode are slightly weaker. They fit a little differently as well. Personally, the P3s fit in my ears better, but I find tips that make the LA2P fit better.

As far as the single ear transparency,

No can do on the P3s.

If you like the Soundcore signature sound and are a bass head, the bass up on the P3s is nice. I’m not really a bass head and mostly do my own eqs, so they’re both good there.

I prefer the in ear detection of the LA2P to the low latency mode and earbud locator of the P3s (usually, my buds go in the case when I’m done, so it’s tough to lose them and I use other buds for gaming).

If you want the best ANC of the two, I’d stick with the LA2P. The P3s have a smaller case with a flip lid, too. Or be an earbud like me and get both… with the L2P+ on my radar for the comfort, bass production, transparency, and LDAC.

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Thank you for your comparison. It’s nice to hear from someone who owns both.

I think I agree with you on most aspects. If the LA2P sports stronger ANC/ Transparency and a more rounded sound then just bass (I’m not a bass head), then I might stick with the LA2P. It could be nice to have those extra features of the P3. But ultimately, I will be using these for office/work listening, so gaming doesn’t matter to me (plus mobile is not my choice of gaming device), I don’t find myself making a habit of misplacing things, and the bass mode will be overwhelming to me on the P3. So, having the core features be stronger on the LA2P is more important to me then the extra “fluff” features.

However, I do find it sad that I can’t have transparency on during mono listening mode with any Soundcore products, and I would LOVE to see that implemented in a future firmware update. Perhaps I will try my luck on the suggestions page.

I appreciate your reply, thanks!

I’m not sure why having Transparency active when you only have 1 bud in is a big deal? You can hear what’s going on around you with the ear that doesn’t have the Bud in.

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I get why it’s confusing, maybe it’s just me and I’m partly deaf.

However, sometimes I find it difficult to hear things or people accurately when 1 ear is completely plugged, and having transparency mode on that one ear just makes things significantly clearer for me and helps with directional awareness as well. Other earbuds I have had in the past have had this capability, and I feel a difference.

I agree with you, it’s not a BIG deal, but it would be nice.

Not only would transparency mode be nice, but it would also be nice to be able to change your EQ on mono mode, which is not available either.

I agree with everything raph said. Ifind the p3 are a better fit in my ears they also have game mode and an ability to make a sound if you lose and earbud which is nice while the la2p have better sound and might potentially get ldac in the future