Liberty Air 2 Pro not passing caller id to answering machines. It comes up unavailable

The Liberty is passing caller id to other cell phones, but when calling an annswering machine the caller id comes up unavailable. can a firmware up date fix this?

Do not use my earbuds on calls too much but not really sure how they would affect those functionality on the phone.

My only thoughts are you are connected to multiple phones with earbuds maybe. Delete all pairing , restart earbuds, restart phone as it could have issue and only pair to current phone.

This should correct most things. Can always contact if needed

That would seem more like a phone issue instead of an Ear-Bud issue.

when you dont use the earbuds does it still do this?

Caller ID is provided by the phone. The headphones only provide the Audio.

It could be that your phone call is going over the Internet instead of the mobile network.
(Some apps like messenger, google Duo etc let you make calls to other phones).

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