Liberty Air 2 Pro problem with auto call answering

I have a strange issue with my Liberty Air 2 Pro. When I use one of my earbuds (for example the right one) and I have connected it to my phone (Xiaomi Mi 11i), if someone calls me and I have my connected earbud in my pocket or on my office, while I catch it in order to wear it on my ear, the phone call is answered automatically, without pressing anything on my earbud.

I have tried everything but with no chance. I have hard reset my phone but nothing changed. I have reset my earbuds but nothing changed. I have tested any compilation in soundcore app > Comtrols but withno luck.

Do you have any idea, how to fix this strange issue???

It is annoying this issue, as a call may be auto answered while my earbud is moved in my pocket!

I do not use as much for calls but you can check your phone setting for answering and ending calls

But I think the issue could be the wearing detection

As you put them in your ears instead of activating the music it is probably answering the call.

So go to the app and check if turning off the detection helps.

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I have disabled wearing detection but the issue still occurs. It is too strange all this behavior.

I think that my earbuds must have a function that enables something to my phone and auto answer the calls.

I checked my phone and nothing is enabled in auto answering. Moreover, I have done hard reset to my phone device, for this reason but the same issue still occurs.

Only if I disable Phone Calls from Bluetooth settings menu of my phone, it stops this issue but then I cannot use my earbuds for phone calls.

Any other suggestions?

Only this…

It sets a delay for when to answer a call

I don’t have this menu in Xiaomi Mi 11i with MIUI 13 Official ROM.
Instead, I have auto answer menu but everything is disabled, in it.

I think that if I touch my earbud, even if I have it in my pocket, then it answer the call.
Soundcore app doesn’t have a choice to disable call finger touches.
Is there any other way to disable them, in order to fix this issue?

Thanks in advanced.

I do not have that phone and not for zure

I uninstall Phone by Google app and install True Phone app, but the same issue.

Is there a way to disable touch controls on my Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds?
Maybe that’s helps me.

I’ve never had that issue, but I usually use mine to listen to music and have both in my ears. If I get a chance I’ll test mine out.

Unfortunately, I don’t use earbuds to listen to music but I use them for calls. Maybe I’m the only one :laughing:

I think that an option in Soundcore app where you may choose the actions of touch buttons during call, is a must have. Other manufacturer has this option (like jbl).