Liberty air 2 pro problem

I got the soundcore liberty air 2 pro as a gift and both buds work on my computer, but only the left bud works when I use my phone. I tried to reset the buds and my phone but it does not work, I tried cleaning them, it did not work, what should I do to fix this problem

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If problem, when using your phone, perhaps the right one is still connected to computer?


It’s not connected to the computer

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iPhone or Android? I have some experience with iPhone… de nada with Android.

Is it possible that on your phone, the Bluetooth setting maybe set to handset?

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It’s is not set to headset

Thanks TheSnarkyOne for trying to help me with the buds, but I have fixed the problem

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Wondering how you resolved? Was it a setting within the OS, that you adjusted?

Thanks for letting me know it’s fixed.

How are you liking the earbuds?

Oh, and forgot, welcome to the community :blush:, hope you enjoy!

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So it wasn’t the problem with the liberty, but withbmy phone I went to settings and searched left and right audio balance and it was all they way to the left so I move it to the middle and the right bud started working

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