Liberty air 2 pro sound issues

Hey guys I am listening to my new liberty air 2 pro and the left side of the earbud is very low on sound. I have reset the earbuds on two different devices. I’ve Cleaned it out and the sound is barley on what should I do I just got them

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Ask the support.
They will help you.

Unfortunately it happened after they closed

Who closed?
The support?
They never close, its the job of the support to help customers.
Dont forget its weekend. :laughing:

Customer service

So I probably won’t get a response on Saturday will I

I just sent an email has this ever happened to you

Hey guys I posted on Friday night that I was having issues with my new liberty air 2 pro. Well I have some great news I figured out what to do to fix them. If anyone has this problem go to your settings of your phone weather you have an iPhone or Android click on reset Bluetooth settings and it will fix it

@Andre_Goatley. I moved the topic answer found to this question into this thread as it is the resolution you found as a possible solution.