Liberty Air 2 Pro vs P3?

Hi all,

DH has asked for earphones for Christmas. He’s added the above 2 to his wishlist. Just wondered if anyones used both and could say which they found to be the superior?

Thanks in advance!

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P3 the price is lower and it has more features then the air 2 pros for a lower price.

P3 are so much better and cheaper.

Here’s a review that compares those 2 along with a few others.

It depends on what features he priorities. The life P3 have a find your earbuds function and a gaming mode and cheaper price and different colors than the Liberty air 2 pro while the Liberty air 2 pro have a higher price and I think a slightly different pure note driver and hearid

I believe the LA2P has the better driver. One other difference coming in a September Update will be the inclusion of LDAC on the LA2P.

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Agreed and I wouldn’t hold my breath on the the ldac coming I know it’s in the works but there are delays sometimes and things can happen in between now and then. It’s better to buy on what the product does now than the promises of the future

In general I understand what you are saying, but LDAC is already available via and update in China so I don’t foresee any problem with it coming to the rest of us in September.


Same, but you never know with how things go I’m just a be prepared person ya know