Liberty air 2, right earbud is not charging properly

The charging case if left with enough power to charge the earbuds, i.e the charging case showing 2 white led lights poping

Using the right earbud as the primary one, the charge of the right earbud after using for quite some time it was left 40%, whereas left earbud as left with around 70% charge left

When I put the buds back to the charging case, after 2-3 hours inside the case
The right earbud was only charged up to 57% and this time when I use the earbuds right earbuds drains very quickly within 30mins

I faced the same issues initially I got replacement(replaced 4 new earbuds with the same issue)from anker support india

I’m not sure whether the problem is with this specific model i.e liberty air 2

What should do now?


At 2 hours it should have been around a full charge. From what I know but do not have, the Liberty air 2 are a pretty good set of earbuds with 3 iterations on the touch features.

Work on your skills to use search, it should be what you do first. Creating a new thread is not good for those following you, as it forces the help to be spread thinner across this new thread you created instead of replying in another existing thread.

So, look at your bluetooth version on your phone… and search…

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