Liberty air 2 right earbud not working

right ear bud not working. is there anyway to replace or repurchase only that one

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I suppose its not possible to get a single one.

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I read somewhere here that if you even bought a used earbud somewhere, it wouldn’t work. These earbuds are sold as a set. If something happens to one earbud, it cannot be replaced with an earbud from another set. Think about the guarantee. Maybe you can still take advantage of the product warranty. It is usually 18 months from the date of purchase.

I could be done , but you need to do a replacement of the software on both.

Did you already tried to reset earbuds? Sometimes it fices the issue. for support

Before they will do anything on a replace, you will need to do a few things.

Delete connection. turn off BT, reset the buds, then turn on BT, reconnect them again. (this is if they turn on but not working.)

If they are not coming on, they will want you to try to charge them.
Also will ask potentially to make sure the connectors are clean and free of debris.

Hi, sorry to learn about the issue with your Liberty Air 2. Know that we provide an 18-month warranty for any manufactory-related issue.

In order to further pinpoint the isuse, could you drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and the order# for any further warranty assistance.

Please kindly provide the detailed issue when the right side stopped working? Is it with the sound or the charging issue? We could help you further once get the detailed issue.