Liberty air 2 static/rain noise in background

So i ordered anker liberty air 2, everything is good except call quality which is the reason i got it for, the person on the phone is saying they can hear static/raining raining noise in background although im in my room where its so quiet. I updated the earbuds and that still didn’t fix it. so i did a hard reset and still they can hear that noise in the background. This background noise decreases but still there on normal calls but on facetime/viber is really bad. Is that normal?

@MusicCore, I changed this to support category.

Have you checked the Bluetooth setting and make sure the cog has call active and audio off

I have an iphone 11, I can’t find the cog in my settings

I’m thinking it has something to do with Soundcore firmware and iOS updates. I’m on older iOS 12 on my iPhone 7 so will give it a try. Keep in mind I have Spirit Dot 2 so not the same earbuds or firmware on those earbuds

In the meantime, email customer support at so they are aware of the issue

Okay thanks, i have ios 14 I’ll attempt to do the latest update and see how it will go