Liberty Air 2 white noise

Hey I received a pair of the Air 2’s (not the pros) for christmas. There is a slight white noise when a sound is about to play in them. Not sure if this is standard as I only see issues for the Pros. Also the buds sound pretty bad, however Im coming from $100 jabra over ear bluetooth headphones. Also Im using Galaxy S9

A very slight static like that with the liberty air 2, is pretty much standard with any headphones or earphones from any brand. I can hear a slight static with any type of speaker I’ve ever heard or used.

As for the bad sound quality…

Sound is extremely subjective. I think they sound great, but someone else might not like them at all.

You should try adjusting the eartips you’re using. Too small or too large can change everything about how they sound.

Also adjust the EQ to the setting that sounds best to you.

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Yeah you’re right about the static. Tried again with my other bluetooths and realized i notice it more on the soundcores because they’re in-ear.

Will try playing with bluetooth and sound settings. Thanks!

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I’ve this problem but only in the left earphone. Did anyone find a solution for this problem? Thanks

What model are the buds you have?

Liberty air 2. Brand new

I’m starting to think that there are tons of fake reviews

I bought a pair of Liberty Air 2 a few weeks ago and noticed the white noise/hiss as soon as I started using them in a quiet area. Didn’t bother me when I used them outside, but clearly heard it indoor when listening to quieter music or audiobooks. Contacted support and I just received a replacement pair today with the same issue. So either there’s a bad batch of these out there or they all have this white noise/hiss. I’m going to send these back.

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Всем привет .
Получил новые наушники и слышу шум в ушах, когда включается любой звук и микрофон плохо работает.

Just got my new pair of Liberty 2 Air and noticed the hiss/white noise at the first use.
I have an old (4-5 years) Sennheiser cx 686g headset and and a more recent, cheap HBuds H1. They both have crystal clear sound comparing to the new Liberty Air 2.
Bit disappointing that I have to deal with support and warranty, I was really excited for these earbuds.