Liberty Air 3 suggestions

So the Liberty Air 2 Pro came out over a year ago

Then officially supported LDAC in September, after unofficial support appeared out of China.

After this product we have had the Liberty 2 Pro+ adding LDAC, Liberty 3 Pro, Life P3, Neo 2, P2i, P2 mini, A2 NC+

There are very different ears out there as discussed here

So I think the time is right to ask for a Liberty Air 2 successor, for placeholder call it Liberty Air 3 or Liberty Air 3 Pro.

The asks are:

  • there are those who want the smallest amount material present within the ear canal, for those who either have smaller ears or wear long periods.
  • as light as possible for long wearing comfort.
  • the stick format suits the above as if puts some of the components within the stem and so thins the remaining within the ear canal.
  • long antenna like in P3, LA2, LA2P for maximum radio signal performance.
  • IP6X and IP7X rating to handle wearing in shower.
  • excellent call quality via 4 or more mics, using the fact the mouth is nearer the end of the stem and can differentiate central forward sound by filtering sound with more left or right loudness (sound from sides) and more rear than fore loudnes (sound from behind).
  • improved ANC which would need newer SoC which is at cost so I’m expecting in the region of the LA2P launch price.
  • a beefed up find-me function with a broad range of sounds to help find lost bud as from P3 but louder. Wear detection will let you know the bud is not in an ear before emitting an alternating high/low sound for us to hear them from down the back of the sofa.

I’d happily test these, ideally early to influence and give feedback rather than marketing testing after finished. At present I have the Neo, P2, LA2 and I can’t wear them as they fall out, so I use the discontinued Slim buds.

What is on everyone’s wishlist to beef up the top of the line stick format bud?

  • LDAC
  • AptX (requires Qualcomm at a cost)
  • Find-me
  • Improved battery life
  • Low latency
  • Thinner
  • Lighter
  • IP6X
  • IP7X

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