Liberty air right bud doesnt work, please help me

Got the liberty airs yesterday, they didn’t work straight out of the package.
I fully charged them, on the left bud it shows a white blinking LED and on the right bud i dont see any LED, also in the charging case it doesnt show a LED on the right one.

Is this pair defect, or am i doing something wrong?

Hi @niekp have you removed the plastic covers from the contacts? While it’s possible you might have a defective pair, it best be best checking this and perhaps completing a reset of the earbuds using the following methods

If this fails to resolve you should reach out to for assist under your warranty.

Yes, i did remove this,
i can’t reset it because the earbud doesnt turn on

I would look inside the case and make sure one of the plastic covers didnt come off covering the charging contacts. Because to me it sounds like they did not charge hence why it wont turn on. As for the case, how long did you charge the case up for? Because generally that last light takes the longest to charge and light up

Welcome @niekp! Hope you have a good Time here on the community!

Just remember that if all else fails, soundcore had a great support team! They always love to help out!

I will try this when i get home!

There is no plastic covers anymore

Try cleaning the buds

He got them YESTERDAY!
Try cleaning your glasses Andrew! :rofl:

That doesn’t mean they don’t have lint, or something else that got on the receptacles. Lol

Have you looked inside the case to make sure nothing is blocking the charging pins?

i have yes, nothing is blocking the pins

I guess it’s probably best to contact support then…

I have had the exact same issue. Just bought them, charged overnight, removed plastic prior and the right one will not turn on. I contacted support as I am kind of in a time pinch due to being quarantined and needing them for work. Their answer was to reset it - which you can’t do when it won’t come on, and then to return them to the store. Not very helpful support and certainly doesn’t fix my time problem. Was there a resolution ever found for this?