Liberty Air2 Charging Case Not charging/ no LED lights

Liberty Air 2 charging case is no longer charging, LED lights no longer light up… and my headphones needless to say no longer can be charged. I’ve tried switching the charging wire and the adapter, with no success. I noticed a few days before that the right earbud was no longer charging and the left one soon after was no longer fully charged. I realized it was the charging case when I plugged it in overnight and and there was no further charge. I noticed there were no LEDs lit up at the same time. I put a piece of tape over usually. I’m wondering if this is covered under warranty and if so what do I need to do to get a replacement case. I’m assuming the headphones still work. They did until they were no longer charged. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated thanks.

You could try to clean the socket of the case.
Maybe there is some debris.


I’m with @Chiquinho. The only thing I can think of is cleaning the socket you plug the USB C cord into.

Sometimes the case gets confused and needs a reset but the reset doesn’t work unless it is plugged into power at that time.

Prove to yourself you have a working charger and cable, use it on something else similar. Often the cable is bad. Also as @Chiquinho rightly said to check case port for debris. Check the inside pins for debris and clean them and the buds with isopropyl alcohol, let it dry.

TWS buds are inherently an unreliable premise as they have exposed pins to pocket dust and grease from skin, as well as complex electronics.

Then plug the case into power and leave it a while, then keep power connected, follow the reset instructions.

If after all of that it’s still dead then may be tough.

If you’re in warranty then gather serial number, proof of purchase, photos to prove you not damaged the product, description of fault, what you’ve tried already , your address. Email

If out of warranty then I don’t think anything more can be done.