Liberty Neo Charging Case

Is there a way to temporarily turn off the charge on the case. When I only get the chance to it listen sparingly, I don’t want to charge them every time. That’s not totally healthy for the batteries.

Thank you in advance!

When you put the earbuds in the case they are charging.
If they are fully charged, they stop.
If you afraid to leave the earbuds in the case, because this will lead to a damage of the battery, you could take them out.


If you do not wish to charge them, what you can do is put the earbuds in the case and give them a slight turn. Just enough so they stop charging and you can still close the lid. Alternatively you can manually turn the earbuds off and put tape or a small piece of paper over the contacts so they dont charge


I turn mine as well.

Haha glad to know I’m not the only one who does this.

Just got these. Thanks for the tip!

I want to get a pair… but first I will wait to see what the second gen is about.

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oooo thats smart love the thinking behind it