Liberty neo question

Hi all, just received these earbuds, am pleased with them but 2 questions for any advice: in the maual it says the white lights on charging case go out when fully charged, mine dont… they stay a solid white. I also I selected the large rubber tips for the earbuds, now when I put them in the cases, the case doesn’t close properly… any answers please? Thanks!
:)) Caroline

There should be 3 dots. The 3 dots give a representation of the amount of charge when you open the case. 3 dots between 70 to 100, 2 dots between 70 and 30 and 1 dot 30 to zero.

I can not fully remember if it goes out as I have given them to my son and he is using them all the time. It may be that the dot will stop blinking when fully charged but it has been a while.

You may want to make sure the tips are seeded on the tips all the way. If it is the earwings you are talking about make sure they are on the right earbud. Recently somebody put their earwings on wrong and it kept their case from closing.

If get a chance later from work and finding the buds and ear tips, I could try to see how it works on mine son’s pair.

Thank you! I never thought about the wings being on the wrong earbud! I will swap them over later when im home, also, yes, the 3 white dots, according to the manual are supposed to go out when fully charged, this hasn’t happened , they just stay on solid white when they are connected to the wall via USB. Ive also tried a different cable. The earbuds seem to be charged/ charging though.

Thanks for your help, appreciate it!

You can always pair them to make sure it’s at 100%

Will do! Thanks ! :))