Liberty Pro 2 background noise

After reporting the background noise to support a few weeks ago, I received a replacement set today. Shipped from Amazon so it was pretty fast. First thing I noticed was that the box still said “revision 1” on the UPC sticker (same as my pre-order set). Wasn’t too concerned, because I figured they could be tracking the fix internally with batch numbers or something.

I got them connected to my phone, and the background noise is still there. Seems like it’s more in the right than the left, but it could just be how they were positioned in my ears. I’ll be contacting support again about the issue.

That’s concerning. Wonder if I should just get it now and do the warranty dance until I get the right ones, or get something like galaxy buds if this isn’t all sorted by Black Friday

I received my replacement from Amazon yesterday. The background noise is almost eliminated. I’ve tried with all types of music and don’t notice it at all. During podcasts, if you try to hear it you can, but it is not noticeable any longer. It seems like they may have adjusted the equalizers or ramped up the adjustment the equalizer does. I really liked the acoustic equalizer on the initial set and also the replacement set. But with certain song I get some crackling feedback randomly on the acoustic equalizer and some other equalizers. It may be when a certain type of note is hit, but I’m enough of a musician/audiophile to identify that. Anyone else have this issue with equalizers? Other than this they do still sound great and the white noise is nearly non-existent.

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just received my replacement. there is still a slight white noise (more similar to other qc302x chipset TWEs) but noticeably much less than the older one. still sounds just as good sq wise, maybe even a tad better.


Just received my pair. They are fantastic, but also suffer from the background static, which makes them unusable for songs with quiet sections or any podcasts.

Currently running latest firmware (01.09) so assume it has to be hardware related? Unfortunately, going to contact support and arrange a return. I truly hope they fix this issue though, as they are a great in almost all other regards.

Support have been great, there should be no issue with swapping them out, email today says it may be another week for updated versions to arrive (does depend on where in the world of course)

Using the L2P outdoors is fine, although most of the time the idea of personal head/earphones is for your own personal space

To add to this thread I’ve just received my Liberty Pro 2 Earbuds from Amazon UK that were posted from Germany. As far as I can tell there is no background hiss as reported by others, my Earbuds says on the box that they are Iteration 1.
What I would like to add is I had some Comply TS-500 and S-500 Tips from another set of earphones and they fit the Liberty Pro 2 perfectly and sound fantastic.
I hope this helps others

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Do you have a way to compare volume of the two sets? Maybe connect one to laptop and other to cell phone? Am waiting on my replacements and am curious how lowering the gain (which was the reported fix to the white noise) affects the overall volume

Glad to hear it isn’t impacting the replacements. A good sign moving forward.

Mine say iteration 1 on the UPC code is that the same as version 1 or are they both different versions?

iteration and version are the same. but bear in mind that not all of the items have had issues with the static noise. So a good and bad one can bear the same iteration or version number

I have the same hissing static issue as well, it happens 1 second before the song plays and 3 seconds after the song pauses.

I’ll be asking for an exchange, these earbuds are good but the issue is way too irritating. Hope the new batch works better.

Thanks that helps.Well it looks like i got the good ones.which is good to know.

@dexter1984 Did you get these from Amazon? Amazon US, CA, or DE? Are they the “iteration 1”? Can a simple firmware update fix this or does Soundcore need to physically tweak them? Sorry for all the questions.

No a firmware fix cannot fix the issue, at least it hasn’t since I owned them and tried updating them.

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Considering some of them have this issue, and some don’t, that obviously means it’s a hardware issue :thinking:

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I got mine delivered by amazon UK and yes they are iteration 1.

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Received my replacement earbuds Friday, sadly the white noise is still there. Think I may order the echo buds from amazon then decide which pair to keep.

Yikes! So your in the unfortunate 1% and twice! Hmmmm, wonder if they can recall bad batches for a free replacement

more or less the same volume since I’m still using them at 50% or slightly below 50% on the old and new pair.

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