Liberty Pro 2 background noise

I’ve been listening pretty steady since I got mine yesterday and they are excellent. I have not heard what you’re describing.

looks like a hit or miss issue. Keep us posted

I would recommend you go through the app to check your hear id. I got a flat line so basically I could hear all frequencies there without issue. To me, the background noise is very loud and I could not mask it with music. Whether or not to hear the background noise, it depends greatly on how much you could hear. You could not hear does not mean it is not there. No matter what, this is a quality issue and makes SoundCore look bad as this is the first premium product.

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It’s probably fair to say that many new hardware releases include some amount of quality issues. I can think of numerous instances of recent hardware products where some defects occurred. I think it often happens with the first releases since the manufacturing process and quality control are not fully tightened down yet.

I understand the disappointment of anyone that this happens to. Waiting for a cool new product only to have a serious problem with it.

But it is certainly not unusual. I suspect that most of the Liberty 2 Pros that have been shipped don’t have this issue. They have been reviewed by several sources with no mention of the hiss noise.

Don’t mention those reviews. Those are sponsored by SoundCore. It’s just marketing.

According to YouTube Reviewer, El Jefe, he emailed soundcore for a review unit and they ignored him. The reviews out so far all talk about the same things. I’m still waiting for credible review sites to review the Liberty 2 Pro.


Lol that’s hilarious, because I was the one who asked him about it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. You saw me on YouTube!!

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Having exactly the same issue. The noise starts to show up after I start playing music and stops a couple of seconds after the music stops. Had to contact support for return.


Resetting, changing tips etc. doesn’t help. It is clearly a defect in the earbud itself.

I have the latest version of the Liberty Neo as well and there is no such noise when playing music. The right earbud of my Liberty 2 Pro has no noticeable noice but the noise in the left earbud is unbearable.

It is not even necessary to insert the earbud fully into the ear to hear the noise. I can also hear the noise when holding the left earbud close to the right ear so it is not a problem with my ear. And when playing some music with the volume turned all the way down all you can hear is this annoying noise.

I like the sound quality but the noise is a no go for me!

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Have you tried resetting the earbuds?

First line

I took that as resetting the bluetooth and the phone pairing not the earbuds themselves. Oh well, sorry for the troubles you are having

SoundCore will have a new version in 4 weeks I as told. If you could wait, you can arrange exchange otherwise you could contact them to get a shipping label for return. Their service is the main reason I preordered it for I knew they would take care of it if anything goes wrong.


Yes you can count on Anker / Soundcore customer service. They are the best.

Good and bad.

Soundcore is probably going to have to stop all shipments on liberty pro 2, (including my pair) and they’re going to lose a lot of money on all the replacements.

The good news is that soundcore is taking initiative to make everything right.

Doubtful, as with any mass produced product there are bound to be defective products that get by quality control. It could be as simple as a software update or even just replacement. But to say stop all shipments and go through them all would cost them way too much money

If they have too many faulty units they’ll be forced to do a recall…

How many units have they shipped?

How many actual instances of the background noise do we know about? 5? 10?

Obviously, we don’t know how many experience the issue who haven’t contacted this forum.

And we also don’t know how many units are without any defect.

Well here I was getting a little perturbed that mine haven’t even shipped yet. Hopefully they’ll have this figured out before they send mine, I guess.

Same problems here - Resetting bluettooth or the earphones doesn‘t fix it.

Besides the background noise I‘m highly satisfied with the Liberty Pro 2, but unfortunately the noise is a dealbreaker for me.

Hope the support will be helpful.

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