Liberty Pro 2 how turn off?

I have read the small manuell but how turn off? I see only on the manuel how pair or reset but how turn off? Do they go into sleep mode by themselves after a certain time?

Have you tried pressing and holding down the button until they power off? In past earbuds all you you had to do was press and hold the multifunction button, or just put them into the case. Once the charging function is enabled they power down to charge

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Double check the documentation, but I would assume they turn off when you put them back in the charging case.

press the left/right button for 5 seconds to turn off and 1 second to turn on.
more importantly, does your unit have the hissing issue during playback?

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Yes i have the issues too.

Yes, the Liberty Pro 2 supports sleep mode.
So don’t worry about the battery, It will automatically go to standby mode for minimum power consumption after few minutes idle use(connected but no music, alert, or call).

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isn’t it a problem that the Liberty are constantly loaded when they are stored in the case? That’s not good for the battery, is it?

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The battery stops charging once it’s fully charged, only minor trickle charge when to open the case

i’m glad it stops charging when full, but a feature to stop at 80 or 90 percent would have been even better. does both the case and the earbuds stop charging when battery is full?

do you know if it fast charges whenever u plug it in? e.g., if i unplug it and plug it back, does it fast charge again regardless of current battery %? (i.e., 4 hours of battery after 2x10 minutes of charging)

I do not have mine yet, so I couldn’t answer that question. But I’m perfectly fine with it fully changing to 100% as they will be ready to go whenever I am.