Liberty Pro 2 review

So I have been using these earbuds for a week now, in terms of sound detail I have very little to complain about, these are by far the best I have ever owned.
My only real gripe is that the default sound profile has a more pronounced bass then I would like.
Setting the Bass Reducer profile seems to be the sweet spot for me, however after reconnecting them to my phone it changes back to the Soundcore Signature even though the app indicates it isn’t.
In terms of fit, it took me a couple of hours of wearing them to get the correct ear pieces for both ears, after that they are comfortable to wear.
In terms of battery life I have not completely drained the batteries but I have gotten around 7 to 8 continues hours of use out of them before getting battery indication warnings .


Thanks for sharing your experience with us! Having as many reviews as possible definitely helps potential buyers make decisions, so it’s extremely useful.

Any possibility of getting some photos of the buds?

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I was a backer of the Kickstarter campaign for the Zolo Liberty in ear phones. The Liberty 2 Pro are a big step up from them, both in design and sound quality. Design wise they fit my ears better and are more comfortable for long listening, they sit better in my ear canal such that running up and down stairs does not dislodge them. The control buttons are much more ergonomic sitting on top of the earbud when in the ear.
Sound quality is excellent and the soundstage is big for a small set of earbuds I have listened to various pieces of music through them, at high and low listening levels low being a must for hearing the clarity and seperation of the instruments. They are without doubt excellent the ACAA seems to work well judging by the sound from them. All in all I am very pleased with them.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We’d love to see pics. Most of us have only seen stock images and no user photos.

does HearID reset every time you repair the buds to the device as well?

Good written and perfect Photos.
Thank you.

Having same issue with Liberty 2 non-pro as well. Sound profile resets even though app shows it didn’t …

Fortunately for me I do like the bassy Signature sound profile.

Also, Hear ID has same problem in my testing.

great to know about the bass reducer and trying to change it through the app.