Liberty pro 2 right bud battery draining way faster

anyone else have this problem? my right ear bud is consistently draining much faster than the left one. after about an hour, the right bud would have lost 2 blue bars according to the soundcore app while the left bud is still full.


It could be due to the fact that the left one connects through the right bud, and the right one connect directly to the phone. This cause the right bud to drain faster, but I don’t really know.

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This is common with many wireless earbuds I’ve tested. As @TechMan noted, the bud that actually connects to your phone tends to drain faster than the other.


Reading my comment 45 minutes after I wrote, I realized it barely makes sense lol. It’s crazy you even understood what I meant.

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but at the rate the bars were decreasing, it wouldn’t have lasted anywhere close to 8 hours.

What value were you playing at?

yeah I get that the right bud is basically the bridge between the bt source and the left bud.
I did more battery drain testing today, and I don’t know what to think of what the app is reporting anymore. After 4 hours, the right one is down to 1 bar, while the left one is still showing full battery. It doesn’t seem like the app and firmware are accurately reporting battery at least for the left one, cause there is no way that thing is still full after 4 hours heh. As far as the the advertised 8hr goes, that must have been measured with lowest volume setting and playing empty noise or something. :smiley:

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It’s normally measured at 60%-80% battery which is the average volume…

I have the same issues and quite annoyed by that


I’ve noticed this behavior as well. After the first two recharges, I did a casual timing of battery life of each bud after the third recharge and found the following: RT ear bud (6hr 10min*), LT ear bud (12 hr 45min*). *The times are stopped when the buds automatically powered off and rounded to the nearest minute.

During the timing, the conditions were the following: 1) Battery timing was a combination of play and stand-by time but majority of it was play. 2) Left ear bud timing was not a continuous 12hr 45min. I powered down and stopped the timer when the bud was not in use and resumed timer when I powered it back up.

I plan on taking two more timings to obtain an average.

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I am also having this issue. I have reset the buds. I even drained both buds of battery completely and reset them to see if it made a difference.

The battery reporting on my unit is so far off it’s comical. I emailed support on this issue. I’m still running some tests.

The good news, in my case, is it seems that my set has a battery life that lasts way over the advertised 8 hours. I woke up to music playing.

The bad news is I don’t know what kind of long term issues might pop up with this unit, in the future.


Same problem here. Just received the pair last night; fully charged the case and earbuds. Everything seemed fully charged this morning. After 2-3 hours listening, the right bud is down to 1 bar… left bud shows full bars. Also can’t seem to charge the right bud anymore - put it back in the case, but nothing… contacted support for a replacement.

…must say though, the sound quality is great!


Depending on the SOC’s you have in your device you either have one bud connecting to you device, as described above, or both buds connecting to it. The latter you’ll need Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and the QCC5100 chipset on your device.

Borrowed from their site:

“Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus is an additional mode of the technology designed to eliminate the need for cross-head Bluetooth® transmission by simultaneously connecting the mobile device to both earbuds.”

Source here

I’m having the same problem with the right bud turning off and the left with 3 bars still showing. I done a test using both buds and found the right bud turned off at 6 hours 47 minutes with the volume about 60%

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What if your device supports pairing with multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time?

I have a pixel 3a xl and it has an SD 670. Kinda hope I don’t experience this issue.

Mind reading is an important part of troubleshooting.

I’ve had replacement earbuds sent out after experiencing microphone/call quality related issues. Both my original pair and these newer L2P earbuds have unequal battery drain (although the newer ones have fixed the mic issue). In my case I can have one bar showing for the right bud with 3 remaining on the left. This is while in use paired to my Google Pixel 3XL phone using the aptX codec. I’ll try hard resetting the earbuds as they have (successfully) received a firmware update to 1.22. More testing to come but I’m not to worried as the charge on the earbuds, even the right one, is still long enough for me (although I’ll have to time it to see if it makes 8 hrs before the right side cuts out). The main thing is these have brilliant sound quality and now the call quality and volume is ok they’re definitely for keeps.


Researching further on that Qualcomm SOC chipset series that you linked to incident1, I see that that’s a series of chipsets that can be used within the earbuds themselves ie not in the phone or device they’re connected to. It has me drooling but the fact that this chipset supports both aptX and aptX HD and the L2P only supports the former has me thinking I may have to wait for a possible L3P to get all this functionality (and presumably have more balanced battery drain).


Same problem here, although i got mine from like…the second pre order batch, so i hope they might have gotten the issue sorted. Then again, maybe not.
Whichever earbud connects to the phone, gets around 6 hours of battery. Swapping to the other bud nets an extra 3 to 4. So i guess if they round, it equals out to that 8 hours they claim.

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