Liberty Pro 2 rush

When no music plays you can hear a loud rush which is quite strong. But it’s always just before a music starts or ends. With the price should be no rushing actually. Can this be fixed by an update?

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It is still there while music is playing. I could verify this with some single instrument classical music tracks.

Whene i play Music i dont hear. I’m listening to more dance music, though.

@Beauty could you help with this? Thanks in advance.

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@Loz, @Beauty Is there an update to this. I just received mine today and have this issue. I called support and warranty and they were not aware of the issue. They had me process an exchange, but I don’t want to exchange if this is a widespread issue or there is a fix coming.

Could you plz share more information about the phone, music app, music source(streaming or local file) you use?

ppl said it’s every media app including youtube and music players. this is being reported by many users, so it is definitely not the music source.

See this thread. It has more info and responses others have gotten from soundcore support.

I have this same hissing issue…can this be fixed with an update? Thanks.

Hy there, just received my soundcore pro 2 headphones literally 30 minutes ago and I can say that right out of the box they hiss. I encountered this issue on loudspeakers that have poorly isolated cables (when you turn the volume up they just hiss).

Fortunately I am using these headphones primarily for the gim and calls so I don’t think that I’m going to return them and complicate myself with the whole process.

The call quality is very good from what I experienced this far, everyone said that they can hear me very clearly (in a silent environment, haven’t had time to test them with background noise like crowded streets).

The overall sound is impressive and the hiss can only be noticed at low noise, it doesn’t affect high volumes so for my case they are fine. (They don’t sound as great as my Sony xba-h3 but that’s to be expected, and if you use them at high volumes at the gym and calls they are perfect)

I can really say that this issue is a big bummer, and if these headphones were bought primarily for sound quality I would have returned them, but they work for me… I’m just sad because these headphones could’ve been an excellent product…