Liberty Pro 2 Sleep Cycle?

I’m preparing a review of the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro earbuds but I want to have a couple of questions answered first.

  1. I’ve not found a place to register my purchase with Anker to active what I presume is a standard warranty period.
  2. I want to know if the earbuds ever go into a sleep mode, what that that look like on their operation indicator lights, or is there no sleep period at all?

The date of purchase has an 18 month time frame to cover the product. So your warranty is the receipt which you will have to keep up with. There is no place to register a code or serial number.

As mentioned your receipt or order number is your proof of purchase provided its from an authorized seller. Your warranty period is 18 months from date of purchase, your serial number can be found on the charge port cover and you may want to take a picture of that or write it down on your receipt as it may wear off overtime if you use the cable to charge it.

There is a standby of sorts, but it doesn’t register or show any different via the light on the earbud.

Thanks for the replies. As it turns out, I wrote this post before using the Liberty Air Pro 2’s this morning and they have developed a warranty related problem overnight. The left earbud will no longer pair with the right earbud and I get no sound out of the left one. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting I know to do and have initiated a warranty return.

Both the Soundcore Warranty page and also the Amazon return product page for this product state that I have 30-days from the time of purchase to make a warranty return. I am retuning the product today, 3 weeks after the purchase. On opening the case, the function lights would appear, then when the indicator that the two earbuds had “paired” the left earbud had a flickering, dimming quality to it and no sound. Both buds report a “High Charge” when turning them off and back on. Repeated returns to the case and reopening it to turn on and pair had no effect. Restarting the phone had no effect.

I am a little disappointed but I am going to go down a notch in design to the Liberty 2 (non-pro) model. Even though I am a professional music producer, I found the highs over pronounced in the Liberty Pro 2 model. Opening the “Custom EQ” control panel would cause the Soundcore app to crash. Otherwise, I preferred the “HearID” profile.

Did you do reset of the earbud by holding the button near the charging port for 10 seconds? Grabbed this from another post. Try this first if you wanted to see if this resolves it.

I tired some of these things but if I had to this every time the pairing failed for one earbud, it would seem like a hassle. Plus, I’ve already initiated the return through Amazon, I already have the label, and the product is going back.

Thanks again.

Sorry that you had issues with the pairing and hope you find something that you will like.