Liberty Pro 2 third pair still terrible hiss

So gotta say for 10 grammely producers who tested them is quit biased and probably fake from my experience. So I’ve received my third pair of the Libarity Pro 2 Earbuds with almost no improvement and it being called part of the new batch is ridiculous. I’ve almost had enough of false marketing.

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Support is nice and all but they never resolve my issue so don’t tell me to contact them please. For $150 is completely terrible as a $30 pair outperforms these…

Opinion seems to change rather quickly eh?

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Well this came back out of nowhere lol.

Nice memory @TechMan, I did not remember that review til you showed it. If that hiss is only during the beginning, it is more likely the rt earbuds synchronizing with the left earbuds than a hissing issue.

It’s always in the earbuds even when playing

Well it came back out of nowhere so yeah.

Hope they can eventually help you but will not state whom you do not to hear who will support you. :wink: You may want to update your review. If people come here to read the reviews to whether to get or not to get the earbuds , I think they want the updated info now vs the info stated previously.

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Yeah true.

If you’re willing to wait for the white pair to be released I’m certain the hiss will be reduced even further to the levels that mine are at. There is still hiss a second or so before and after playback but when audio is playing (even podcasts or purely spoken word with low volume) the hiss is barely noticeable.

The main issue with the hiss as far as I can tell is a mixture of quality control on the regular retail versions of the liberty 2 pro and Amazon not caring which unit they send out to people. As some people with the latest revisions and new serial numbers still haven’t heard any hiss improvements. Honestly that aspect of it confuses me, it makes me think that they’re experiencing placebo but there has been enough people reporting it that it seems to be real. However I’ve not heard their pair so I can’t speak for them.

All I can say is my pair I won in the first LTT giveaway is manageable when it comes to the hiss to the point I can’t hear it when audio is playing and the volume levels are just fine.

I wonder how long till then…

Definitely need to update your review with problems like that. If you paid full price for them, I would get a refund. If you were one of the winners, tell them you have the problem, and then wait a month or so to get a replacement, and maybe it will be properly sorted out by then.

This reviewer definitely felt like is genuinely angry with soundcore . As even in his video he insisted on ways to listen for that hiss. I can vouch that 65t and even boss soundsport have clicks when you switch and says pass through a shop with RFID which is absent in LP2 . Yes small white noise but did not warrant such a long rant .