Liberty Pro 2: Using microphone for speech assistant

Hi, I have paired my new Liberty Pro 2 with my Samsung Galaxy S9.
My default music app is amazon music and I have set amazon alexa as default assistant.
In the soundcore app I have set a double click to start the speech assistant. This works great and alexa also starts the app when I tell her.

My problem: I can only control by using the mobile phone’s microphone, but not by using the earbud’s built-in microphone.
Is there any way to do this? It would be a real shame if I could use the microphone only for phone calls but not for the speech assistant.

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I think the Mic only operates during calls. I’m not sure if there is a workaround. I never really gave it much thought.

If it was me, I would contact Support and ask them:

I suggest to contact support by email

Thank you. I have sent a mail to the suppoprt.