Liberty Pro 3 Suggestion

I love these soundcore earbuds alot as they are my first pair of premium tws earbuds, but I realized one thing that the liberty air 2 pros have. Little more bass, the air 2 pros have nice deep Bass the lp3s have bass but not as deep. I may just need to tune the EQ a little but I would at least like a little bit more bass (this is purely a bassheads opinion)

Some like more basses, other don’t.
Solution : EQ.
Individual hearing ability and type of music listened to are different. :smile:

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Excellent suggestions, I’d also suggest those who want far more bass also tune down the mids and treble which then allows the volume to be turned up higher, indirectly increasing bass.

The only thing which is dangerous is increasing the preamp too much.
Could lead to distortion.
But this the listener will find out quickly! :laughing:

Well increasing Bass is distortion, by definition, because you want to sound less natural.

But I get your point, some like the distortion of bass so much it causes other less welcome distortions.

Some may like such a “pushy bass”, not me.
Depends on the music.

I think I would be good with less bass on a premiere earbuds. I can always get a different pair that has a deep bass

I have both the LA2P and L3P and I don’t really find the LA2P have more Bass. That being said, I think the L3P have plenty of Bass. For that matter they both do IMHO.

Just use equalizer. Hope it will solve the problem.