Libery Air 2 and sound hiss

Good day.
Literally just got these buds, connected them to my phone and was immidiately greeted with white noise. It is also evident when there is a pause between playback.
Just how “normal” this is for Liberty Air 2 and is there a way to check if i have supposedly “updated” version of them or not? Just to understand if it’s worth the hussle of getting a replacement. I have heard simimar things about Liberty 2 pro.

Download the soundcore app on your phone and pair the earbuds to it. Check the app for latest firmware updates and install it, that should help with static noise

Thank you.
It’s the first thing i did - the firmware is 04.26 and i suppose it’s the latest.
It’s not evident during the actual playback, but much more evident after the playback compared to my previous earphones

I had that issue with Spirit X as well and couple others here noticed a similar issue. I will be contacting Soundcore about it along with other issue on my Windows 10 laptop so will keep you updated here

Liberty Air 2 does not have this kind of problems (background White noise). I have 2 pairs with no such problem s-o far.

Yea, let’s call it a brain fart of mine.
I just connected my old pair of Bluetooth earphones and they do the same, nothing to worry about really.