Life 2 NC Charging

Just purchased Anker Life 2 NC headphones and can not recharge the battery. After attempting all day and overnight, I still get message, “Battery Low”. There is no solid red light to indicate charging, either

Unsure what happened to them but I think I would try to return them to the store or contact

Since you just bought them, you can not say it was lint or something like that. Since they were on charge all night then I wonder if the case got jarred or something.

Check out how to do a reset and see if that help but I strongly say contact soundcore or return them for another set.

Did you remove any plastic between buds and the pins inside the case? There’s usually a pull-off plastic something as part of setup to remove.

Is case being charged?

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Agreed, I have missed a piece of plastic on the headphones before and had charging not work. So check for that.

But if everything is exposed properly, contact support as Duane noted.

Hey there, let us know if the following troubleshooting is helpful or not:

  • Try a different wall charger and cable to charge the earbuds at least 24 hours no matter if the indicator is on or off (it’s best to use a 5V charger)
  • Make sure the wall charger and cable you’re using work fine on other devices

For Soundcore Life 2 NC, it is with the steady red power indicator when in charging, and the Power indicator steady blue when fully charged.

If it doesn’t work, you are welcomed to contact us via