Life A2 nc ambient mode

The sound of the Life A2 nc is very good (nearly as good as the L2 Pro).
But I’m disappointed at the ambient mode. I don’t hear much of the sound from outside,
neither in complete nor in voice mode.
The ambient mode of the Life Q30 is much more better.
Will there be a firmware update in the near future?

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Hey there, we are working on this issue and we plan to fix it in the future firmware update. I will send you a notification here once it’s available. We’ll be in touch.

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Fantastic! I’ve had the same issue with my life dot 2nc’s. Both ambient options really lack in ability compared to basically every other anc/ambient equipped buds that I have. If you’re going to make changes to the ambient mode do you have any plans for improving the anc also? Just wondering. However, I think the first thing that needs attention is the controls. Or lack of controls for that matter. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Hi when will the update be available?

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Hey there, the update is not available yet, if you’d like to use it now, would you please DM the app SN and we can push the update accordingly?

Hi, thank you for the offer.
I don’t know exactly what you mean with ‘DM the app SN’, but if the update will be available in the near future I cam wait for it.

Please send me a direct message with SN on your Soundcore app.

I believe he was saying (direct) message him the serial number of your product (Life A2) and they will send you the update via your app.
Edit He beat me to the punch, we were typing at the same time

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Hey there, we push the update and please check it on your Soundcore app.

Thank you for the update. I have now firmware version 02,38. It says that a single tap was added. Is this the newest version? I will check ambient mode when I will be outside for a walk and report.

Another question (I know another topic): do you know why after an App Update (Android) the custom EQs (except the active one) are lost?

Hi, regarding the custom EQ on your Andorid device, in order to further pinpoint the issue, please let us know what is the Soundcore APP version you were using before the upgrade? And what is the model and Android version of your mobile phone? We will further check it.

You are also more than welcome to drop an email to "" by detailing the issue, the technical support will help you address the issue as soon as possible.

I’m still on 2.20 firmware and it says it’s the latest. The ambiance mode is really poor, will we be getting the firmware update in the UK ?

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Following, curious to know when 2.38 will be available in the US

Can someone send me a link to firmware 2.38 please.

Transparency mode on these headphones is useless, getting sick of having to take my gloves off just to take an earbud out so I can hear people.

It’s July now, where’s the update fixing transparency mode ?

Hello ? Is there anyone there? Hello ?

Hello, may you please share your findings on 2.38.

Please ask Yimi_Liu to send the update to your A2 NC via the app

Hello, what can I help you?

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Hi, can you send me the 2.38 update please to fix the transparency mode.