Life a2 NC battery issues

Hi… after one month of usage Life A2 NC have problems with battery drain…I always using headphones in pair… Volume between 30-45 % with normal mode… Right side unit it’s after 3h to 4h empty… It’s this faulty units or have common issues this models??Have made hard reset, nothing changes…I am really disappointed

I do not have but ANC on may affect stated battery life. Sometimes they will give stats with it on or off.

If you reset them and such you could contact for potential stats if anc on or off.

I don’t use Anc…it’s always in normal mode…

I know on some earbuds will allow for individual pairing vs pairing to one ear bud and sending it to the other earbud. Also phone may affect the individual pairing earbuds to where they will pair to one earbut n send signal to the other.

So what tends to happen is the right is usually the main bud and sends signal to left bud

The right is working harder so there is a drain more on the rt bud. So if say they get 5 hours stated on box, the 3 to 4 may not be too bad on the right

Although looking at the pics, it may be too much of different. Are you able to have percentage on them, either in app or bt area.

Sometimes visuals help when contacting support

This model have individual pairing…Have tried with left and right individual-and after 2 hour left 80% battery and right 50%… total it’s more 2,5h difference

Firmware is current? Also, pairing with other devices, does yield same battery results?

When you say individual test, is opposite earbud in case and case closed?

I’ve seen one of the manuals for a pair of Soundcore earbuds (don’t recall which) shows having phone in right side of body, as right earbud is master, and may help with drain on that side.

All the above, antidotal as I don’t have these particular ones.

If still issue, depending on where you got, and response from service, you may consider exchange / return.

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It’s a same with all device -the current firmware it’s 2.20… left headphones showing 50% battery the right one it’s empty… I have made the reset but nothing change… I have called support I’m still waiting for answer…

Is there any feedback from Soundcore on this? I have brand new earbuds, and they have the same problem… apparently for everyone, the problem always happens on the right earbud.

I will specially appreciate a response from Soundcore here.