Life A2 NC+ Review Help!

Greeting soundcore fans Technoid is back and calling all fans and readers for feedback on the next review in the series im calling….THE WINTER OFFFFF SOUNDCORRRREEE! The lineup of reviews to come are here as follows:

Life A2 NC+ - Coming Next Week
Life P3 - Coming in March

The reason i am reaching out is i want your help! During the filming process my goal as always is not to make a video thats better then others, but rather a video that reaches the general person. So when i film the A2 NC+ review I would like to ask for some feedback on what you personally would like to see in the video! I will select one or more ideas from this post and ofc you will receive credit in the video for your suggestions! Let me know by Saturday if possible, thank you!


Hey, thanks for reaching out… one thing that may be interesting is a shake test with the earbuds in.

Lock them in place and do a bit of gentle shake to start, end up full blown head banging… see at which point they pop out, if at all.

Could change the music to meet the increase in the shake…

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If I were reviewing I’d have done these:

  • comparison with older products that more here are likely to own. For example I have the LA2, Neo, Q30. As the Life P3 has been out for longer then you getting familiar with that first would help those who have the P3 but not the A2 NC+ can get a good impression of differences.
  • Not do an unboxing as it’s already done by El Jefe’s review, or index the video so that part can be skipped.
  • Battery life test of the claims of 11 hours. This is very time consuming so suggest one person of the 5 selected do it and cooperate so it’s not necessarily done by more than one person, to spread out the work.
  • ANC comparison with other Soundcore products with ANC.
  • Bluetooth distance, indoors through walls and line of sight outdoors.
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I find these would be a little harder to evaluate as they are in the mid level of the brand. Above the basic earbuds but not at the top of the higher end earbuds.

I figure it is an in between pair… a starter NC for the folks who have not used the NC before or for folks who does not want to pay higher prices for NC.

So how is its worth for each of those folks…

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Oh trust me you’d be surprised with these ones but ill be addressing that in the review

With the exception of the dual drivers of the L3P, what is it lacking? What makes it a middle?

I’d like to see a comparison vs the A2NC and wondering if battery life is really increased as much as claimed?


I don’t think these have LDAC or APTX.

Something to check when they come.

It is not Qualcomm so is not AptX.

No mention of LDAC. I’ve looked up the chip, doesn’t mention codecs other than basics.

The ANC should be good has feed-back and feed-forward microphones. A test comparison with other Soundcore products with ANC would help existing Soundcore customers understand.

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I have life P3s so could compare with these but they have a different fit, so not exactly comparing like with like.
Without a test head / “Ear” any comparison would be subjective.

May give it a go.

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@Fast_Unboxer does objective testing.

Last Soundcore review

Last ANC test

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Just finished all the recordings for my review and about to start editing. I have about 50 clips and photos to put together.

It’s tougher than it looks to put a review together and finding the time is challenging.

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