Life A2nc's vs Life dot 2nc's

Can anyone explain to me the difference between the Life dot 2nc’s and the Life A2 nc’s? I have the dot 2nc’s, but by looking at the photos I just can’t see any difference besides the logo in the middle being white on one and grey on the other. Thanks!

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I just contacted the Soundcore Support Team and asked for the differences between Life Dot 2 NC and Life A2 NC. Here is the answer :

"Soundcore Life A2 is not the updated version of Soundcore Life Dot 2 NC. Please know there are two main differences between the Life A2 NC and Dot 2 NC.

  1. There are 6 mics on the Soundcore Life A2 NC, 3 microphones for each earbud, while there are 4 mics on the Soundcore Life Dot 2 NC.

  2. Soundcore Life Dot 2 NC is the offline version. Yes, it is only available and could be bought in some US offline stores for now.

Aside from these two points, they perform the same. "

That reply was much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Surely these contradict each other?

If fewer microphones then something suffers, either call quality to the receiver, or NC as micrphones assist with the detection to cancel sound.

So surely call quality and/or ANC suffer with the Dot 2 NC relative to Life A2 NC?

Yea it’s flipped. A2 has 8 mics and Dot 2 NC has 6

Btw what is offline in this context? Retailers that is not Soundcore itself?

Baffles me.

Soundcore is trying to build it’s own brand.

And yet.

They do this.

USA only retail only.

They cause the problems where buyers come here seeking help / assistance, and we do a collective scratching our heads.

Brand doesn’t like confusion.

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I’ve seen the Dot 2 NCs in Walmart. I ordered the A2 NCs from Amazon. Maybe that’s the “offline” difference?

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Nice update, thanks for reaching out and posting up the dets…

Let the fun begin… oh wait… it’s already afoot

Oh and I just realized. The numbers I put earlier are incorrect completely. Life Dot 2 has 4 mics and A2 has 6. This is straight from listing on Walmart and Amazon. Neither have 8 mics so sorry if I confused anybody. The quote from Soundcore customer service is confusing because he/she talks about “each earbud” when referencing A2 and total when referencing Dot 2

these headphones stink whenever i use nc or transparency modes i get a crackling squelching noise and the earbuds are not loud enough i have to use a 3rd party EQ to get them working properly. I also have the same issues on the space a40"s and the life dot 3i"s and none of them are very loud or sound good and that damn crackling sound man wtf soundcore fix this crap i have a feeling it has something to do with the app and you need to get a sound engineer to fix all the presets in the app and maybe add a music player to your app sounds good to me