Life A3i eq issue

When I use the life a3i, when I swap between anc and transpareny mode the bass increases massively and ruins the music unless I change the eq. Can you help and does anyone else have his issue.

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Don’t have Life A3i so can’t help much. I guess Life Q20+ have the similar problem.
I would suggest to contact customer support avout the issue. Hope they have some solution

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I don’t have those either, but it sounds like there is a significant EQ shift when switching between modes.

The best thing to do is report it to Customer Support and ask if there is a pending update that will address your issue.

Delete connection to phone n reset the earbuds.
Reconnect and see if it fixes it.
Try a different device or operating system to help determine if device or phone

Then contact if issue is not resolved as they will ask to do resets before any exchange if needed.

Is eq a preset one or one created? May want to see if a new eq gives the same results or if only a specific setup

They released a new firmware update today and it fixed it. Thanks for all of your support.


I was just going to say that, just finished updating firmware and it fixed it here.

Thanks for your information. I am so glad to hear that a new firmware update fixed it

If anything else needs our help in the future, please don’t hesitate to drop an email to "", our Soundcore technical support team will take care of your case within 24hrs.

Have a nice day.

Glad to hear that the firmware update sorted your issue.

Nice to hear update fixed the issue.