Life Dot 2 Issue

I’ve had my Life Dot 2 for about 2 weeks now and I’ve never had both connect at the same time. Also, I’ve had to reset my connection (including forgetting my BT settings on my tablet) each time I’ve tried to connect. I was okay with this for a little while, but now I’m just annoyed.

This has been happening since I purchased them at a Brick-and-Morter store.

Yes, I’ve already reset MULTIPLE Times. Yes, I’ve tried doing one at a time. Yes, I’ve reset, forgot the pairing, reset the pairing, and only one will connect (the right one) while the other will just power off after a moment.

Please help.

You should either return them to the store you bought them from and get a different pair or email about it to get a replacement. These are obviously defective based on what you have written. Make sure to have your receipt handy if you go the customer service route

Thank you. I’ll be returning these then. I like the earphones, so I’m just doing an exchange. Hopefully, the next ones work.

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Yea hopefully it wasn’t a faulty batch because it is possible that the store might have more of those faulty units. Either way hopefully the next ones are work fine and as expected

I agree. Purchased at a brick and mortar makes it easy to exchange them and see if the exchanged unit has the issue.

Have you tried the unit with a different BT device? If so, do they work correctly there?