Life dot 2 microphone issue

hello guys,
i am having an issue on my new soundcore life dot 2 everything works fine except people tells me that they cant hear my voice clearly so i need your help on how to fix this
thank you

Delete the pairing and reset the buds as always your first attempt to fix.

What platform, hopefully it’s not Windows 10. :face_vomiting:

windows 10 & my samsung phone too:angry:

Reset the buds is a key step.

If it’s bad on Android then you must do this all:

  • delete all pairings, in your case Windows 10 and Samsung
  • disable their Bluetooth
  • uninstall the Soundcore app
  • reset the buds
  • pair with phone
  • install app, connect to buds, check for firmware update
  • test microphone quality yourself now, eg. Phone a spare phone and mute it and listen to yourself. If bad then we have a problem. If good then proceed.
  • disconnect from phone, turn Bluetooth off phone
  • buds back in case, close lid, wait
  • turn laptop Bluetooth on
  • pair with windows 10

See what happens.

If the problem returned, i.e. when you used with phone was good, but then after using with Windows it was bad with the phone, then…

What may be happening is the Windows 10 connected is making the buds work in an older version of Bluetooth and then stick like that when using Android so when swapping you put buds in case to turn off in between swapping.

In general try to not use Windows 10.