Life Dot 2 NC Now Available

Life Dot 2 NC that @Unnamed showed on the Soundcore app are now available on Fred Meyer and Walmart. They don’t have great details on ANC on the site but a feature list is at the bottom of the thread :point_down:

(Photo by @Unnamed on this thread)

The Life Dot 2 NC are available for sale at $69.99 but originally priced at $79.99 according to the Fred Meyer and $79.99 in Walmart (apparently available at Walmart near me so might go check it out)





  • Transparency: Let in ambient sound for easy conversations or extra safety.
  • Soundcore app: Take control of the sound profile and more via the app available from the App Store and Google Play.
  • Mono Listening: Use either earbud to listen independently in mono mode.
  • IPX5 Resistance: Protection from sweat and rain means worry-free listening in any place.
  • Fast Charging: A 10 minute charge provides 1.5 hours of listening
  • Hear Nothing But Everything: Get optimized noise canceling in any scenario thanks to Multimode Hybrid ANC. On the go, on your commute, or indoors, the only thing you’ll hear is music.
  • Thumping Sound: An oversized 11mm bio-composite driver generates ear bouncing beats and bass.
  • Super Clear Calls: 4 beam-forming microphones isolate vocals from background noise so your voice is delivered with superb clarity.

Wow those seem nice

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Yea but still don’t understand the naming scheme for the design. Of course you know what I mean but for new members who don’t:

Liberty 2 Pro:

Life Dot 2:

Life Dot 2 NC: image

Either way, good to see Noise Cancelling True Wireless earbuds by Soundcore

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I bet these would be good competition for the AirPod pros

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Maybe but we just have to wait and see I guess. I’m sure beta testers will release some reviews to Soundcore in coming days and they would send some reviews units out soon

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Hmmm weird that it seems you can only get them from that store haven’t seen them anywhere else and I feel like there would have been more of a product launch. Are we sure this is legit

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Could be fake for sure but there’s still a chance that it is legit and other stores might have them soon

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This seems off. I don’t understand why it wouldn’t have been noted here before launch for something with that big of a feature add. I would like to see something from a larger news source to assume it is real.


Probably a sneak launch to test the water. I appreciate the foray into ANC earbuds anyway :slight_smile:

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@ktkundy @Cowonaut @gwstarkey.gws @jercox More information and photos are available thanks to Walmart. I’m not 100% sure if Fred Meyer is legit but it could be that they just copied all the specs from normal Life Dot 2 and put it up for Life Dot 2 NC

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Did you go and check them out yet cause I want to get these it says they are at my walmart too?

No I haven’t had time to go out yet

Hmm interesting that they are at Walmart now. Really wonder why it hasn’t had more of a major announcement

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Maybe because it would cut into L2P sales? Idk just speculating :joy:

I’m really curious on how somethings are listed on Soundcore’s page especially new products like the life dot 2 NC and the life tune headset. You would figure they would add all new products to the website?.

@Loz do you have any info on this? That way people could use notes to get coupons for these products as well?

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I just released my full review of these if anyone is interested.


Thanks for the review! I definitely wanted to know more about these since there was no official announcement from the Soundcore team

Any news of life dot 2 nc coming on Amazon USA and on soundcore website when they are expected to arrive please Check and reply

I don’t think they will be available on Amazon at all. As for them being available on Soudcore website, only the Soundcore team can tell us. @Loz or @sean.L any updates on this? Not sure who is the correct person to ask so tagged you both

I don’t agree with you they will be available on Amazon USA and on soundcore page but may be till the end of this year or begin of next year