Life Dot 2 NC? Yes or No for working out and riding bike?

Hello soundcore community say I’m lookin for suggestions on these earbuds my dad just called me from Arizona and said he needs a pair for while he is walkin or riding bike out there that won’t fall out of his ears. Just wanna see how owners of these earbuds like em and if they do have ambient aware mode and are compatible with soundcore app?? Got him a motion plus couple months ago and he loves it so thinkin this would be a good pair for him… would recommend the liberty 2 pros whuch I love but think if these have the ambient aware and fact they r under 100 will be his best bet??? Take care all and alomg with air 2 pro announcement I was secretly also hoping for a motion boom pro and liberty 3 pro with anc… I can’t do the stem style but I will continue to wait lol!!!

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What about Soundcore Spirit X

Good for exercised, and not so easy to loose. :grinning:

I have the spirit x2 and love them but he wants something that connects to soundcore app like the motion plus I got him and I also like the transparency mode for him too

I was thinking about those with the cord are not too so easy to loose
and they have that “sweatguard”.

I am not so in those earbuds :thinking: ,
so you should wait for other suggestions

Chiquinho… I just got a call from my dad so earlier I called a Walmart out in Arizona where he and my stepmom stay in the winter… they had a pair of life dot 2 nc so had em hold em at the electronics dept area… so my dad just called me he goes… Wade… can ya hear me… I go yea I do… he goes… Wade I love these earbuds… and I’m riding bike right now thru the :desert:… I go well heck yea good deal… I then said well did ya get em all connected to the soundcore app he goes no I think I gotta download a different one than the one for my speaker which is the motion plus… I said ok but ya like the sound and the fit he goes I love em… so I ended with dad you call me when ya get home from bike ride… these connect to same app and they have that transparency mode… they have anc… and the eq ya love to mess with when ya listen to your motion plus… ya can do the same thing with these!!! So I’m waitin on a call but the one I already got made my day!!!

They are compatible with the app. You can see them under the Life Series Headphones.

They do have transparency mode

Not a Life Dot 2 NC user but considering he is in Arizona, I would recommend getting one with SweatGuard instead of just IPX5. Also as for fit, it differs from person-to-person so he’ll just have to try and see. Other than that, $80 for ANC earbuds is pretty good

This was the reason I was talking about these Spirit X.
But I am not so well informed about these earbuds at all. :wink:

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Where is the NC model sold?

So far it is sold at Walmart and Fred Meyer but Walmart is more reliable than Fred Meyer imo. If you check the Soundcore app, you’ll see Life A2 NC which is pretty much Life Dot 2 but for Amazon

Thanks everyone… he is on day 3 with them and loves them … had him watch el jefe revuew if them to help him figure out how to use transparency and anc etc and he has called me each day sayin thanks for recommending them and sendin link to video on how to use em… so el jefe if ya see this thank you man !!! And I’m now ready to say even without havin a certain pair of soundcore earbuds id still recommend them… soundcore you guys and girls are awesome!!

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Glad your dad likes them.
@EL_JEFE_REVIEWS props to your video!

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That is exciting, glad he is enjoying them as much as you sound like you are enjoying your collection.