Life Dot2 has stopped working!

I recently purchased the Life Dot 2 from Amazon, they worked perfectly fine from the start.

I haven’t used them for a couple of days. They have been sat in the case, not plugged into the charging cable.

I have come to use them tonight, put both of them in my ears to listen to music, when I noticed sound was only coming from the right ear bud.

I decided to reset them, but there is no light coming on at all from the left ear bud. Right one is completely fine. I followed the reset steps anyway, unpaired from Bluetooth, deleted the Bluetooth pairing and tried again. Still can only hear sound from the right bud.

Tried to connect them to my boyfriends iPhone. They didn’t even become discoverable. I tried to connect them to my iPhone again, now not discoverable on my phone either.

As you can see, the left buds LED looks red. This is not lit up, this is what they look like as they’re turned off and there is no colour to the right buds LED.

I also charged the buds for half an hour, then tried them, they still wouldn’t pair to my phone or my boyfriends phone.

Please fully recharge the case and earbuds, what your experiencing is generally due to low battery and will fix itself once fully charged. Charging generally happens to the case first and then the earbuds so that half hour you charged it didn’t really charge the earbuds themselves.


Very good though @Tank.

Since she got them recently, I wonder if she just started to use them instead of doing the initial charge.

I agree I would make sure the chase is fully charged and the earbuds as well and then try again if not I would try resetting them one more time.

Thank you all for your responses!

Going to charge them for a few hours and see what happens. I have sent an email to support to see what they say too :slight_smile:

Does anyone know why the light is flashing red on the front of the case? :woman_shrugging:t2:

That means it is low on battery. I would try a different cable if it shows flashing red even after charging the case


Wow, thanks for answering guys :+1:
We have lot of resident experts here :grinning:


So, I’ve charged them over night, tried them again this morning and still only the right one comes on, tried resetting again and still only the right bud is working :sob: I don’t have another cable to charge them with, and I wouldn’t think the cable is the problem when it shows as charging (white light)

If anyone can offer any other advice, I would greatly appreciate :slight_smile:

Since it was recently got and you may have used the initial charge, does the earbud have tape still around the charging connectors.I would make sure that is clear. Other than that, I am thinking for you to contact the service department at

There’s definitely nothing on the connectors, all clear.
Maybe they’re just faulty :cry:
I’ve sent an email to support so I’ll see what they say. If not, I’ll have to return them, going to try another pair rather than getting a refund because I really like them, just a shame this has happened!

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Have you tried tapping and holding onto the TouchPad on the left earbud to see if its just off? I had an instance with mine where it powered off because I held it in my hand while I was talking to someone, popped it back in my ear and didn’t think anything of it until I went to use them later on and it didn’t turn on.

have you found a solution? I have the same problem :pleading_face:
the led lights up slightly red. there is no reaction if I press the button, impossible to reset.

It looks like the plastic is still on the case. Make sure there is no plastic on the earbuds or down in the case that would impede a good connection.

You can always contact for additional help as well.

Make sure the rubber that fixes the earbud into your ear did not slide over one of the three contacts of the bud.
Try reset by pushing side buttons of both buds a bit over 8 seconds until flashing red three times.

Yea actually, I was having the same exact problem, it turns out when I was changing the size of the ear thingy, I had put the left side on the right, vise versa. This stops the case from connecting to it properly, and won’t connect.

how can i fix this