Life is better with these!


Reviews can come from a number of different people and experiences. Because of this, there is more than one kind of reviewer. There are those of us that review based on initial impressions, based on long term impressions, based on limited exposure to same product or tech, and those who review based on a very good exposure of different tech and or products. I am the latter. My experience ranges from open back headphones, close back, wired, and wireless earphones. Brand experience is vast from Sennheiser, ultimate ears, Westone, Sony, Master and dynamics, Bose,Bang and Olufsen, Apple, Jaybird, Lypertek, and even Ankey and now Anker. I have plenty of others too but I think you get my point. Music and it’s ability to remove me from this life of pain and chaos that plagues this world is invaluable to me. The instruments I use to bring that music to life inside my head is very important. So when I say that the Liberty 2 pros are such an instrument you should believe me. I use iOS for lossless codec and everything from Alex Ffrench, Boris Brejcha, Metallica to Future are all important type of music that keep near and dear to my playlists. So I use my own custom EQ with these earphones and others that I have. So I might be listening to a different response from my earphones than you. So you might not have the same opinion about the Liberty 2 pros as I do. But for my setup and the use of these earphones, there is nothing that I have listen to that serves as a more important instrument in quality of sound and use than these earphones. The separation and filtering of the armature and bass is pure genius. The soundstage reached here with this power is very rarely seen at this strength without distortion . And I, unlike some others, have lucked out and gotten a pair that has no hissing issues or any defective operations or drops of any kind. When you add this to that fact that these absolutely kill it on battery life( getting over 6 hours ) and even has wireless charging on a small pebble case making it very inviting to carry then you can start to see the love for these. They also fit perfectly in my ears and disappears in them the longer I wear them. My ears don’t hurt or ache after long sessions with them which is rare for many other earphones. So when they disappear and you no longer can feel something inside your ears, your brains forgets where the music comes from and it becomes apart you even more. The only thing that anyone can bring up legitimately about this that are negatives is the fact that they don’t have hear through tech( rumor says it coming) or connect to multiple devices simultaneously. But if these aren’t your needs or on your none negotiable list then getting these earphones should be your main objective if you are looking for a new pair of wireless earphones. These easily get 4.7 stars out of 5 stars for me objectively… but personally… 5 stars out of 5.


Glad you’re enjoying them!

My biggest issues with them is that they don’t fit well for me.

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You could give your text “some structure”.
This helps a lot when reading. :wink:


Good picture and review @Methos

As mentioned by @Chiquinho breaking up the text into paragraphs would make reading easier for prospective readers :slight_smile:


Glad you like them!

I’m hoping for a heavy discount before I purchase or if I’m lucky enough to win a pair! :four_leaf_clover:

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Great review :clap:

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Love the picture and great review. But as the others mentioned please break the review into paragraphs. Some readers may skip right over your review when its formatted like this.

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Nice review, agree with those comments above re structure

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Nice and very positive review. But a challenge to read as others have noted…

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Good review and glad you like them.

Say something I’m giving up on you. It’s a nice song you should take some time and listen to it.

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I thought the same thing, reminded me of those break up text you see people reading on the train.