Life Note A3908 not connecting to soundcore app

Someone please help,
I have bought soundcore life Note model A3908. I tried connecting to soundcore app but it doesn’t show up.I tried the following steps

  1. tried restarting by pressing button on both earpieces for 3 secs

  2. did the same while placed in case (lid open) for 3 sec

  3. tried following method specified in manually connection but found no button on case.

Kindly help me connect to soundcore app. They are working as they connect to my phone just fine and I can hear the sound but I cannot connect to the soundcore app

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Why did you buy without app support if you wanted app support?

Doesn’t have app support. Not all Soundcore products do. Nowhere does it mention app support. This is similar to the Life P2, doesn’t have app support.

Link to manual

The older products and the entry-level products do not have app support, you can tell which either by looking to see if it has app support, or simply install the app and look for it before purchase. Both show the same - no app support.

Here’s all supported in the “Life” range from the app - no Note.

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It does not. Some of them will show the app support on the sales page easily and others, you have to search for it or make an assumption it has it.

I think most earbuds if over 80 dollars usually has the app has been my experience with them Speakers seem to have a lower threshold for app support.

Sir, I was not properly trained before joining the soundcore community :sweat_smile:

I just wanted a wireless earphones. They are not so cheap so expecting a little more control then turning off and on was a given. It seems rather intentional to keep this feature off for some. :frowning:

Also Life Note has so many variants and only one available to me was the one I bought so I had no choice. :cry:

Anyways, thanks for the quick guidance. :sweat_smile:

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None are experts in Soundcore, for everyone the best approach is install the app first, see if product is there before purchasing if app support is important to you.

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