Life P2 audio playback Windows 10

I just received Life P2 and they seem to work ok with my iphone. BUT I bought them for use with my Windows 10 laptop to reduce wire clutter and faffing… and shortage of USB ports on new laptop.

They seem to work with my phone, and they are pair and connect to Windows but no audio is forthcoming. The microphone works but is not great quality.

I notice that two options appear in audio devices when the right bud alone is in use Headset (soundcore life P2 hands free) and Headphones (Soundcore life P2 stereo).

For audio / music - choose Headphones. microphone do not work in this mode (at least in my experience)

For voice calls, choose Headset

Try to use EarTrumpet for audio improvement / management, for windows.

Note that when you pair your Soundcore L2P or LP2 the speaker shows up as Headset as well as Headphones.

From my experience - definitely make sure to use it as Headphones Stereo while listening to Music, the quality is bad while being used as a headset for listening music - this is apparently due to the Windows 10 / OS on the laptop.

For regular calls, make sure to switch to headset.

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Works just fine on my windows 10 laptop. Horrific latency but otherwize work just fine

Thanks for those suggestions. I will check them out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.

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Sounds good, best of luck!!

Wow, that is a lot more painful than the “connected for call / audio” status on my phone. Windows really needs to improve management of sound sources - I have issues when my HDMI monitor is plugged in, and then plugged in headphones aren’t automatically switched over to later.

default windows audio management is age old and there has been no improvement since Windows XP (or may I say win2K :joy:)

Windows 10 asks for PIN to connect. 1234 and 0000 wont work. Please help!